I like to think of myself as a fairy, because I love being in the woods and my dream is that one day I will live in a tiny cottage surrounded by trees, flowers, streams, and mountains. Sometimes, I'd carry my 10-year-old DSLR camera with me so I could capture beautiful elements in nature. I also just love art in general. I started drawing the moment I knew how to use a pencil, and drawing really helped me escape the cruel world that I grew up in. I moved from a refugee camp in Thailand to Minnesota when I was 14, and that’s when I became more familiar with digital photography. I took a few filmmaking classes in high school and I just loved them so much. I wanted to go to a film school but somehow I was persuaded to go to a liberal arts college where I went through a very difficult time dealing with financial issues, depression, anxiety, feeling lost, boy problems, existential crisis, etc… so I ended up studying art. Art saved my life and also helped me understand who I truly was and who I wanted to become. My philosophy at the moment is we have to accept that everything will be gone one day, which sounds kind of sad but at the same time also freeing  because that inspires me to do whatever I want and what I want to do is pretty simple. I just want to continue to be me, live life in peace, capture the beauty around me while I can, and just keep dreaming.